Quick Look: Pinephone Manjaro Plasma Mobile

I installed Manjaro with Plasma Mobile on my PinePhone. In this video I take a look at that setup.


See the video for the long story, but here are some extra quick notes comparing Plasma Mobile (Manjaro Arm on PinePhone) and Phosh (PureOS on Librem 5):

  • Plasma Mobile has the same stupid conflation of screen unlock PIN and Linux user password, forcing passwords to be numeric and therefore insecure.
  • This version of Plasma Mobile has a full-screen loading indicator while apps are launching, at least indicating that the device is doing something in response to tapping an app icon.
  • Both work in phone mode.
  • Phosh is nicer in convergence mode; Plasma hides the phone controls without providing desktop controls.
  • At least the preinstalled KDE apps handle the mobile form factor fine, although left/right side swipes would take some getting used to.