Pinephone Unboxing

The PinePhone from Pine64 runs mainline Linux and costs only $150. In this video, I unbox a PinePhone and talk a bit about what it is and how it compares to other phone options.

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Does Your Device have a Universal Backdoor?

Many pieces of modern software, including commonly used mobile phone operating systems, include a mechanism that allows the software provider to remotely access and control the device running the software. This “universal backdoor” cannot be disabled without disrupting important functionality of the software.

What am I talking about? I explain below.

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Unboxing Pinebook Pro

I got a new Pinebook Pro. Here’s a video where I do a quick unboxing and talk a bit about why this kind of device is interesting.

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Running Fiber to My Garage

We just finished moving, and I’m planning to set up a space in our new garage as an office. Unfortunately, there’s no internet in the garage. Solving this required 100 meters of fiber optic cable and drilling through 10 inches of shotcrete.

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Code Is Law; Software Choice is Politics

I’ve been posting videos about open hardware, FOSS software, and privacy. But why bother with this stuff? Aren’t these just technical details that only matter to nerds?

There is one important that people have been arguing about (and having wars over) for all of recorded history: Who makes decisions? The king? Individuals? Liberal democratic institutions?

Selecting computer software means answering this in ways that effect both you and others, and that’s true whether or not that’s what you intended.

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Librem 5 Convergence

In this quick video I demonstrate the basic mechanic of convergence on the Librem 5, where the phone can operate as a handheld mobile device and can dock and operate as a desktop computer. This is especially neat because it uses the same apps in both modes - desktop Linux apps.

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Librem 5 Unboxing

The Purism Librem 5 is a really interesting smartphone. It’s not running Android or iOS; instead, it runs a traditional style Linux distribution. I’ve had one for a while, but I had to send it in for warranty service due to a WiFi issue and they sent me a new one. Read more →

Paper Address Book - Privacy?

I found a paper address book. This is how my parents would have kept track of who they knew and how to contact them before mobile phones.

This seems like a good excuse to talk about privacy. Did we lose anything of value when our address books went digital?

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Braxmobile Phone Unboxing

Smartphones are a nightmare for privacy and personal data security.

One of the best options for a safe phone is an Android phone with a custom ROM that doesn’t include the standard apps and libraries from Google.

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